The diagnosis gene · our story

Passion for new ideas

Who we are and what we do

We design and manufacture medical devices to digitally capture dynamic and static radiological images.

We develop innovative, customized solutions and systems and distribute world-class, high-tech equipment that is produced under one roof.

We operate in Mirandola, located in the northern province of Modena, in the heart of the most important biomedical district in Europe. We manage this well thanks to the know-how acquired in more than 30 years of experience. We are an exceptional team led by the skills and the vision of Massimo Tomasi, author of numerous papers and patents that make our corporate identity unique in the industry.

Our DNA is defined by


Research & Development

Constant commitment to research and development allows us to be qualified partners in diagnostic and surgical radiology. And, it accompanies the evolution of diagnostic and medical interventions by providing qualified consulting and innovative tools.


Unique in Italy

Important preparation and training of the people working with us, enable us to be the only Italian company that manufactures C-arm systems entirely by ourselves. We are not limited to the mere assembly of existing components. But instead, we design, develop, create and assemble each single part of our equipment: the mechanical components, the electronics, the imaging software, DICOM 3.0, the innovative high-voltage generator Planarix™, design…


Shared knowledge

Our strategic management model of multidisciplinary design and shared knowledge involves us all. The mutual exchange of skills stimulates us to know the different manufacturing processes and characteristics of each detail of the systems and devices we manufacture. We have a vision of participation. We contribute with our individual experience and express our talents to improve business and design performance. We find solutions, foster new ideas, and respond to our clients’ customization needs rapidly, while adhering to local and international standards for medical devices and environmental safety.



Many years of comprehensive experience and multiple patents as pioneers of advanced medical and non-medical technology is in our DNA.


The HDQ Group

Being part of the HDQ Group, a group of highly qualified and specialized companies in advanced mechanics and automation, we benefit from an excellent mechanical engineering department for prototyping and invest in innovation constantly .
With this DNA we are a preferred partner in the world of fluoroscopy.


How we work

The idea that marks the times is the one that anticipates them

Innovation is the result of a tried and tested way of working and thinking.

In particular, it is generated from a profound knowledge of the needs of the times and of those who use the equipment. We can only improve by perfectly understanding what is needed.


We project internally all the design of our machines with care and passion.


We do not limit ourselves to the assembly of existing components but we design, implement and install every single part of our C-arm.


Each product is tested internally before being delivered to the customer, to have the highest reliability and quality of each product.

Research and Development

We invest in research and development , identifying new ways to constantly increase the quality of our systems and equipment.


We internally design all the mechanical and electronic parts of our machines.


The software installed on our system is developed internally, to optimize the HW/SW interaction and the acquisition and sharing processes.


Micronica organizes training courses to provide technicians present in the area with a high level of skills.
Micronica has set itself the goal of training technicians who are able to intervene in a targeted manner on systems that require assistance and thus reduce to a minimum the times of service interruption.


We are always up to date with the latest standards and in compliance with the regulations in force.

35 years of X-rays experience

Our story


In 1996, Massimo Tomasi designed the first C-arm system in Europe that uses a personal computer with Windows NT operating system to capture dynamic and static images in radiological sequences. In 1998, this system obtained the FDA 510K (pre-market notification) for the US, Mexican and Canadian markets.

This is when the Micronica idea started, consolidating a professional team that is driven by constant passion and dedicated to seek innovative solutions, considering the past and future developments.

Micronica benefits from the skills inherited and generated by the industrial history of its environment, one of the most important biomedical district in Europe. Considering the worldwide state-of-the-art-technologies and future developments, Micronica will continue to contribute to this change.

Based on these experiences Micronica was founded in 2007.


We are a young dedicated team led by the passion that drives Massimo Tomasi to build this dynamic group.

Apart from many other achievements such as the development of applications for industrial sectors using linear Rx sensors and portable dental diagnostic systems, the technological evolution and the success of
C-arms continue until today. For example, one of the latest innovations by Micronica includes the new generation of CMOS flat panel dynamic detectors. Our C-Arm systems are entirely designed and manufactured in our site in Mirandola: mechanical components, electronics and the software, the innovative high-voltage generator PLANARIX TM, etc.


We look ahead to evolve.
Micronica will continue to be Micronica, because we already started to look at the future more than 30 years ago. And still today, we shape the future – with sustainable investments in research and development and with the valuable contribution from all the men and women working with us.


When a brilliant idea marks a new era.

Innovation results from trying and testing different ways of working and thinking.

In particular, it is generated by a profound knowledge of how the system is used and the needs of the times.

We can only improve by completely understanding the user needs.

We look ahead and we invest in research and development, identifying new ways to increase the quality of our systems and constantly participating in the evolution of the scientific community. With our ideas, solutions and projects we support and facilitate cutting edge improvements in surgical procedures making the invisible reality more observable.


The evolution of a company is the one of its men.
Individual passion solves complex problems in less time. This is the principle that drives Micronica, run by professionists who contribute with their technical skills, experience, talents and personal interaction.

For us, people are a strategic factor: they are able to interpretate and transfer information and trigger necessary actions in the business processes.

We have consolidated a knowledge-based management model that involves all of us in the mutual exchange of skills. This stimulates everybody to gain a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the different manufacturing processes.

We have a vision of participation. We contribute with our individual experience and apply our talents to improve business and design performance. We find solutions, foster new ideas and respond to our clients’ customization needs rapidly, while adhering to local and international standards for medical devices and environmental safety.


Experience leaves traces.

The Micronica team started exploring the world in the 80s, with the creation of the first innovative medical device for diagnostics.

For us, exploring means to understand the world. By observing global differences in needs and expectations, we use this experience to generate ideas and design projects for global export.

Since the beginning we have observed the world, with great care to develop innovative system and equipment that support state-of-the-art medicine in the diagnostic and surgical fields. We anticipate future needs and provide solutions before they are requested.

Today, 90% of Micronica’s products are exported.

We have an international vision that is primarily determined by the ability and curiosity to understand the world and speak in its various languages.


Always at your service

Thanks to the new technologies we are able to assist our customers in real-time to offer best support in any situation all around the world.

Our company installed a 60.00 kWp photovoltaic system consisting of high-efficiency photovoltaic panels and string inverters to convert the energy produced.
The objective of the project was the installation of a photovoltaic system for self-consumption to meet annual energy needs.
Union support financed the project under the POR FESR 2014-2020 programme (Axis 4 – Action 4.2.1).
La nostra società ha installato un impianto fotovoltaico dalla taglia di 60,00 kWp composto da pannelli fotovoltaici ad alta efficienza e inverter di stringa per la conversione dell’energia prodotta.
L’obiettivo del progetto è stato l’installazione di impianto fotovoltaico per autoconsumo che sopperisce al fabbisogno energetico annuo.
Il sostegno dell’Unione ha finanziato il progetto nell’ambito del programma POR FESR 2014-2020 (Asse 4 – Azione 4.2.1).